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Bedliner Colors 

You already know that our protective coatings prevent rust. But did you know that these spray in bedliners also “rev up” the style factor of your vehicle?

A key feature of Scorpion XO2 is its ability to colorize the truck bed liner or protective coating. Scorpion offers several  options for bed liner colors. The uniquely formulated colors of our protective coatings were designed specifically for Scorpion XO2.

  • Black   

  • Blue

  • Gray

  • Light Grey

  • Green

  • HD Orange

  • Purple

  • Red

  • Maroon

  • Yellow

  • Desert Sand

  • Brown

Another great feature of Scorpion XO2 is that you can use any automotive-based pigment for custom colors. If you want to color-match to a specific vehicle, simply get the paint code from the vehicle and visit us.


Scorpion Metal Flake is a finish additive that adds flare to a Scorpion XO2 application.

To add more style to an application, Metal Flake comes in handy. Metal Flake is just that – tiny colored metallic flakes. These are the same type of metal flakes for paint used in the fishing lure industry to reflect sunlight. Adding this to your application can give it a sparkle that you just won’t find in any other truck bed liner or coating.

The great thing about Metal Flake is that you can adjust just how much you want to use. Use very little and achieve a slight accent sparkle. Use a lot and look like a bass boat. Metal flake auto paint is a really simple and cost effective way to add another look to Scorpion Truck Bed Liners and Protective Coatings.

Metal Flakes

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